The Restaurant

Trattoria Al Moraro, the story of a passion

The history of Trattoria Al Moraro begins in 2006, when Erica and Umberto decided to give birth to their dream. Previously owners since 2000 of the Trattoria De Toni Cavazzale, became owners of the Trattoria De Toni: a broad place, surrounded by greenery and a large parking lot, in the oasis of Casale, just outside the historic center of Vicenza .

It was love at first sight: the mulberry which headed the outer courtyard was a symbol of their new project. After several months of struggle against time to refurbish the rooms and the hotel, they opened the doors and the kitchen to the customers of the Trattoria Al Moraro.

The transition from local to a small town to a more organized structure and demanding took Erica and Umberto professional growth under many points of view: more employers to manage, more seats, but also the study of languages ​​to accommodate the new foreign customers. The catering skills were accompanied by Sommelier qualification awarded by Erica in 2009, as well as other table service master.

The challenge was to maintain the tradition to which the Trattoria Al Moraro was previously linked, and simultaneously introduce the new and characteristic elements that express their renewed commitment. For this was decisive support of Umberto parents, Laura and Gimo, and their experience in the Trattoria Rettorgole.

Gimo was always known in the catering industry, and its daily commitment since the early hours of the morning in the kitchen to help cook and teaching was crucial for the success of their dream.

Today, the Trattoria Al Moraro is a restaurant known and appreciated for its cuisine and dedication of its staff. The professionalism is their strength, built with commitment over the years to create the climate of serenity and familiarity that you can enjoy during your dinners.