Our Specialties

Our kitchen

The love for good food and good company

The cuisine is traditional and simple, and fresh and high quality raw materials are the special ingredients of Trattoria Al Moraro, who knew how to choose and grow over time a relationship of trust with its long-standing suppliers. The menus count of some main courses proposals all year, especially meat, and vary the proposals on the typical products of the season and our territory, so as to ensure the freshness and expressiveness of flavors.

Among the most popular specialties are proposed: the egg noodles sauteed with black truffle of Torreselle; bigoli made by torcio with ragout of duck and bigoli in square km 5 of wholemeal flour combined with tasty seasonal sauces.

Let the wheat speak

Pasta, fresh and exclusively crafted, is made using stone-ground flour as tradition dictates, in one of the few still existing mills. Even the polenta is prepared according to the recipes of the Veneto region.

The best of the meat

The meats are chosen and treated with the utmost care by Umberto, who is responsible for their preservation and maturation. Their origin varies depending on the type, always placing the first place the quality of pork and poultry exclusively Italian, Dutch meat of veal and beef from Ireland.

The cooking over a wood fire, carried out with experience and attention, enhances the flavors and combinations.

A journey through the flavors of our country

A note about is the wine list: the experience gained over the years has led to the choice of wineries and wines not available in supermarkets, but reflecting the territory of the indigenous flavors. Thus it was born an original wine proposal and little known, but capable of ensuring a perfect juxtaposition to the dishes served.

So you can enrich your taste thanks to the information and experience as sommelier Erica, with information and details of provenance and savoring the best wines served. Its preparation is dedicated to meet the tastes and demands of the customers, which are chosen on the origin and vintages: never complete nor unchanged, because wine is a living element, changing year after year.