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Quality, flavor, Friendliness

This is the mood at Trattoria Al Moraro

A family atmosphere on the outskirts of Vicenza, where the culinary creativity, love of local flavors and the wines express all our passion for good food

The Restaurant

Trattoria Al Moraro contains all the ingredients for a successful dish: the passion for cooking and traditions, the focus on the customer, the pleasure of good company.

The Specialties

The ingredients and flavors of Trattoria Al Moraro are the result of a careful choice for quality and authenticity of the products served on your table.

Special attention is paid to guests with special needs: access to the restaurant is guaranteed for anyone who has difficulty walking, and menus can be customized on request for those with special diets or allergies.


Access for person
with disabilities


Multilingual service:


Payments with
cards and debit cards


Animals are
not allowed